Daisho 博多风味素食豚骨拉面, 188 g, 2人份

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Ramen is one of present-day Japan's favourite types of noodle dish, and it is certainly the most well-known (both in Japan and worldwide). As well as there being countless ramen bars and restaurants scattered all over the country, there is also an incredible variety of instant, dried, and pre-cooked ramen items for when you want to prepare your own ramen at home. Take a look at japancentre.com's Ramen Noodles section for our whole range of easy-to-prepare ramen noodle items.


• Bring 450ml water to boil on a stove. Add one bunch of noodles and cook for about 2 minutes 30 seconds.
• Turn off heat and add one sachet of powdered soup. Stir through.
• Serve in a large bowl. We recommend adding various toppings such as sliced pork, beni shoga ginger, green onions, kikurage mushrooms, and boiled eggs.



Per Serving (94g):
• Energy: 330kcal
• Fat: 3.4g
• Carbohydrate: 63.0g
• Protein: 11.9g
• Salt: 4.8g

Ingredients and allergens

Noodle (wheat flour, salt), soup (salt, powdered palm oil, garlic, powdered soy sauce (wheat), sugar roasted garlic powder, yeast extract, kneaded sesame, dried spring onion, vegetable extract, pepper, flavour enhancer (amino acid), processed starch, flavouring, colourings (caramel, carotene), brine water, sillion dioxide


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