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《Tokyo: Cult Recipes》, 1.3 Kg

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《Tokyo: Cult Recipes》,让您在家就能轻松制作所有最流行的日本料理。这本料理书由日本大厨Maori Murota编写,书中提供了大量细节图片以及说明,让您掌握100种东京最受欢迎的日本料理食谱,包括寿司、味噌汤、日式煎饺、拉面、盖饭和便当。同时还包括关于主要食材使用的创意和建议,比如日式高汤和寿司米。

ISBN: 978-1743365953

商品 ID: #11219


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2 评论
its a cookbook, i use it for recipes
This cook book has easy to follow recipes that I have begun to try and enjoy. The photos and clear instructions make cooking easy. Most recipes require only basic *** store cupboard ingredients so again makes it accessible to most people. I'd recommend this book to those that want an introduction to 'real' home style Japanese food. The website accurately describes the book.