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枡 清酒杯 - 黑漆金边, 65 g



这款清酒杯将带您体验日本幕府时代和武士的传统饮酒方式。这款清酒杯由坚固的树脂材质制作,光洁黑色漆面,华丽的金色口沿,精致的优雅气息。除了可以用作清酒杯,您还可以将它当做桌面收纳盒使用。酒杯长约 7.5cm,宽7.5cm ,高4.5cm 。日本制造。

商品 ID: #10896


Masu were standard sake drinking vessels that originated in the Edo shogunate of the 1600s. Nowadays small ceramic or glass cups tend to be used day-to-day, with masu generally being utilised during special occasions and ceremonies. For a great selection of sake bottles and cups, as well as other Japanese serveware, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.