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Vegetables & Tofu

We have gathered together our range of vegetables and tofu, both quintessentially Japanese and vegetarian, into one category. Find all the best vegetarian food and flavours here to make nabe hot pots, stir fries, soups, salads and more.

These products do not contain meat or fish. Some may contain dairy or eggs.

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Clearspring 有机豆腐 , 300 g 库存有限 仅剩5 件
Clearspring 荒布 海藻, 50 g 库存有限 仅剩2 件
Clearspring 烤海苔片, 13 g 库存有限 仅剩1 件
Clearspring 寿司姜, 50 g 库存有限 仅剩4 件