Omurice with Beef and Demi-glace Sauce

Omurice with Beef and Demi-glace Sauce

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Take the flavours of the classic comfort food to new heights with this omurice with beef and demi-glace sauce. Omurice is a Japanese favourite consisting of omelette covering a bed of fried rice slathered in sweet and savoury ketchup sauce. This particular version involves a generous dose of rich and flavourful demi-glace sauce that works perfectly with the fluffy omelette and ketchup-filled beef fried rice inside.


150-200g thinly sliced beef strips
1/2 onion
60g button mushrooms
50g frozen mixed vegetables (optional)
240g cooked rice
1 tbsp ketchup
1 tsp soy sauce
4 eggs
pinch of salt and pepper

demi-glace sauce:
2 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp japanese style worcester sauce
1 tbsp tonkatsu sauce
1 tbsp honey

Så här gör du

  1. Chop the onion and mushrooms into thin slices.
  2. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the onion and mushrooms until softened, about 5 mins.
  3. Add the meat and cook until the meat is browned, about 5-7 mins. Add the vegetables and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Add the rice, ketchup, and soy sauce. Stir until everything is evenly distributed. Remove from the heat.
  5. Make the demi-glace sauce by mixing all the ingredients for the sauce and microwave for 1-2 mins. Set aside.
  6. Whisk the eggs in a small bowl.
  7. Heat some oil in a large frying pan over a medium high heat. When the pan is hot, pour half the eggs into the pan and quickly spread to cover the bottom of the pan.
  8. Lower the heat and put the half fried rice on top of the omelette. Fold both sides of the omelette toward the middle of the rice to cover.
  9. When the eggs have cooked, cover the frying pan with a plate and carefully flip over to place the omurice on the plate. Cook the remaining eggs and add the other half of rice for the second omurice. Serve with the demi-glace sauce over the omurice.