Kuromame Gohan Black Soy Bean Rice

Kuromame Gohan Black Soy Bean Rice

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Incorporate Japanese health food into your diet with this kuromame gohan black soy bean rice. As well as being full of nutritional benefits, these black beans have a delicious salty/umami flavour that pairs well with freshly steamed white rice. Enjoy this rice with most savoury Japanese dishes.


80g black soy beans
220g short grain rice
550 ml water
1 tbsp cooking sake
½ tsp salt
white sesame seeds, to garnish

Så här gör du

  1. Wash the rice well to remove any excess starch. Drain and soak for 15 mins.
  2. Wash the soy beans well and drain any excess water.
  3. Place the rice, black soy beans, water, cooking sake, and salt in your rice cooker and stir lightly. Cook on a regular white rice setting. Alternatively, you can cook it in the same fashion as you cook regular Japanese rice. Please see our recipe if you have any questions on how to cook Japanese rice.
  4. When finished cooking, serve in rice bowls and garnish with white sesame seeds.