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Japanska julcocktails

Japanska julcocktails

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Unna dig en ny juldrink i år genom att prova dessa japanska julcocktails. Våra japanska julcocktails är snabba och enkla att blanda och innehåller japansk alkohol som sake och shochu, vilket ger dem en unik smak som får dina middagsgäster att undra vad som är i dem.


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Så här gör du

  1. A Shochu and Baileys White Christmas

    A comforting and unique take on the classic “White Russian,” this is the ideal bevvy to sip on Christmas eve whilst relaxing next to a roaring fire.

    50ml baileys original irish cream
    one shot shochu
    half shot kahlua
    75ml milk
    ice cubes

    Add ice cubes to a cocktail glass or tumbler.
    Pop in the baileys, followed by the shochu, kahlua and finally the milk.
    Stir the mixture until it’s smooth like velvet.

  2. Umeshu and Yuzu Hot Toddy

    This Japanese twist on a winter classic will warm your cockles right up.

    1 teaspoon honey
    50ml boiling water
    2 shots umeshu
    1 shot yuzu liquor
    3 whole cloves
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 slice lemon

    First, drizzle honey into the bottom of an Irish Coffee Mug.
    Pour hot water over and mix well.
    Add the umeshu and liquor, stir again and enjoy the warming smell.
    Garnish with cloves, cinnamon stick and lemon slice.

  3. Sparkling Sake Bucks Fizz

    The Christmas day classic is given an extra special twist with this sensational sparkling sake

    2 parts orange juice
    1 part sparkling sake

    1. Choose an elegant, tall, champagne glass.
    2. Pour in the orange juice and sparkling sake, stir gently. Et voila.