Sencha Grönt Te, Maedaen, 200 g, 100 tepåsar

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Enkelt grönt te på nolltid.

Tack vare Maeda-ens påsar med grönt te är det inga problem alls att avnjuta uppfriskande grönt te. De 100 tepåsarna i denna påse är förseglade i aluminiumliknande förpackningar, vilket bevarar färskheten, och de bryggs på precis samma sätt som vanligt te, utan mjölk, socker eller andra tillbehör. En stor påse som denna är idealisk för företagsevenemang och liknande.

VARU-ID: #863


From cups of freshly brewed green tea at home to bottles of cold green tea available at every vending machine, it is rare for a resident of Japan to not enjoy at least a little green tea every day. For those of us who don't have time to mess around with teapots, teabags are an ideal way for us to get our green tea fix. Check out Japan Centre's Teabags section for more great Japanese green teas in handy bagged form.



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8 recensioner
Lovely deep green grassy flavour, very handy for travelling.
Very Tasty!
My favourite green tea
Delicious woody flavour
My favourite green tea.\nI have tried many others but this is the one I prefer.\nThe tea is not powdery or bitter.\nYou can refill your cup many times with hot water using the same teabag.
Absolutely divine. The best green tea - sencha blend you can buy in the UK. So reasonably priced. Top quality and a throughly enjoyable cup of cha. Look no further, this is the best!
Very good green tea, and excellent balance between quality and price.
Nice, tasty green tea.