Sencha Grönt Te - Löst, Yamamotoyama, 200 g

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En stor påse med färska, lösa blad av sencha. Detta gröna te har en mycket mild och fin smak, med gräsliknande övertoner och en aningen besk eftersmak. Dessa lösa senchateblad är av en högre kvalitet än påsversionen, men är fortfarande enkla att preparera.

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Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese tea and accounts for approximately 80% of the tea produced in Japan. Sencha has a greenish, golden colour and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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Per Serving: (3g)
• Calories: 0kcal
• Total Fat: 0g
• Sodium: 0mg
• Total Carb: 0g
• Protein: 0g

Ingredients and allergens

Green tea 100%.



12 recensioner
Very nice taste.
Have been using this product for many years. Excellent quality. Quite an essential product to me not always easy to find and very glad it is available at Japan Centre.
Good quality for the price
very nice good quality green tea
This is about Yamamotoyama 200g I bought last year. This year it is 150g. Have not used this year’s purchase and I hope it is the same.\n\n1- it is not powdery and although it is not whole leaf between powder Size (0) and leaf(10) the 200mg, last year product was 3 to 4. For me the larger cuts are better\n2-when hot water added it has a gold colour\n3-it has not got strong green tea tase. It has much smoother; perhaps because the way I prepare it\n4- I mix this with Continental Sencha which I tried in Regent’s Park. The above is sencha with a little fruit flavour to give it a pleasant aroma. It is not fruit tea! It has a a tiny bits\n5- I mix them 4 to 1 part and use ** small tea pots and add hot water( left a bit after boiled) and pour it in small Chinese cups, two small cups for two people and No water should be left in the small tea **. I can add more hot water later and I can do this 4-5 times. \n6- I add a tea spoon of the mixed tea in a small pot which is the size of the palm
I'm a regular buyer of this product as this is the only tea I have *** in nearly 10 years. I was totally hooked on this after visiting friends in Tokyo years ago. Although I have tried other varieties /brands the *** *** is my total favourite. This is in my opinion a mid range tea both in flavour and cost. I would never be without it.
a very good green tea - excellent flavour
Good product and reasonable price
I drink it each day and feel it has contributed to my well being. I would recommend it to any one. It is of high quality
The tea quality is good. I think tea lovers would love this product!