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  • 6993 itsuki zaru soba

Zaru Soba, Itsuki, 200 g, 2 portioner

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Uppfriskande och näringsrika sobanudlar, som serveras bäst kalla.

Svalka av dig med Itsukis ikoniska zaru sobanudlar under de varma sommardagarna. Denna förpackning innehåller två portioner soba (japanska nudlar gjorda på bovetemjöl), samt två påsar med umamirik tsuyu-dippsås att servera vid sidan om. En enkel sommarmåltid som är klar på mindre än tio minuter.

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Cold noodle dishes are not eaten much in most Western cuisines, which is a shame, because as the delicious cold soba, udon, and hiyashi chuka dishes of Japan show us, cold noodle dishes are just as capable of being unbelievably tasty as their hot equivalents. Explore japancentre.com’s great range of cold noodles and discover just how tasty cold served noodles can be.

How To Use

• Dilute contents of one tsuyu sachet with 50ml iced water. This makes the dipping sauce.
• Add 70g noodles (half the bag) to around 1L boiling water on the stove. Loosen until noodles are completely submerged and allow to cook for 5-6 minutes, or until the desired tenderness is reached.
• When noodles are done, strain and cool them by rinsing in cold water.
• Serve on a zaru tray or plate with the pre-prepared tsuyu dipping sauce. Add other garnishes as desired.


  • Kategori: Soba
  • Tillverkare: Itsuki
  • Storlek: 200 g


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1304kJ/312kcal
• Fat: 1.8g
• Carbohydrate: 60.4g
• Protein: 10.8g
• Salt: 5.6g

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Nice light meal, ate with a little boiled spinach