Grönt Te med Umeplommon och Perilla, Chasandai, 50 g, 10 tepåsar

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Uppfriskande japanskt grönt te med extra örtig, fruktig smak! Denna förpackning innehåller tio tepåsar med ekologiska gröna teblad, samt torkade umeplommon och torkade shisoblad (perilla). Låt denna fantastiska smakkombination lugna och återuppliva dig.

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Tea is Japan’s hot drink of choice, and although the vast majority of the tea drunk in Japan comes in the form of sencha (a type of green tea), there are a lot of other teas and flavour combinations available as well. From wheat infusions to kombu kelp brews to cherry blossom blends, Japan Centre has a tea for all tastes and preference.



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6 recensioner
I really enjoy green tea so this was right up my street. I drink my tea with a little honey and I found this particular tea not bitter (at least not to my taste).\nI would recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys green tea though I would add the caveat that the plum flavour is subtle ( but I like that).\nQuality of the product was excellent and the description is accurate
This makes for a great refreshing tea in the afternoon
beautiful packaging, great gift.
Subtle - lovely.
we are using as gifts for our Japanese travelling clients. Very aesthetically pleasing!