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Shichimi Togarashi Chilipeppar, House, 20 g

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Shichimi, eller nanami, är en god blandning av sju viktiga kryddor och smaksättare. Denna lilla glasburk innehåller en blandning av röd chili, sanshopeppar, rostat apelsinskal, svarta och vita sesamfrön, sjögräs och ingefära och ger garanterat vilken maträtt som helst en kryddig smak.

VARU-ID: #6780


Shichimi literally means “seven flavours” in Japanese. Shichi and Nana are both words for seven in Japanese, which is why you sometimes see this chilli powder called Nanami too. This is one of the most commonly used seasonings in Japan, and it adds a wonderfully complex spicy flavour to foods.

How To Use

You can add shichimi to any dish to make it spicy.
• Noodle dishes such as udon or soba.
• Sprinkled on tempura.
• On your donburi rice bowl.



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5 recensioner
As a garnish on various recipes
Livens up any dish
Love this and use it in so many things
Spice up your udon or oyakodon
I use this mainly for aubergine salad , and it adds a totally wonderful depth of flavour