Salt Ramen, Daikoku Foods, 400 g, 5 portioner

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Enkel ramen med salt soppbuljong, precis som det ska vara! Denna prisvärda förpackning innehåller fem frestande portioner snabblagade ramennudlar med separata påsar pulveriserad kyckling- och grönsaksbuljong. Dessa ramennudlar är delikata, värmande, klara på nolltid och passar vem som helst. Perfekt mellanmål eller enkel middag.

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Ever since instant noodles were invented in 1958, they have expanded from being a Japan-exclusive novelty to one of the world’s most convenient, versatile food items, with Japan arguably offering the most interesting range and variety. Here at Japan Centre we have a simply staggering range of popular Japanese instant noodles available for you to choose from!

How To Use

Quick to make, just customize with your favourite toppings for a delicious taste!
• Bring 450ml of water to the boil, add the noodles and cook for 3 minutes.
• Once noodles are loosened, turn off the heat, add the soup stock, and mix through.
• Serve and enjoy! For extra flavour, try adding vegetables, meat, and egg.



Per Serving (80g):
• Energy: 357kcal
• Protein: 8.2g
• Fat: 12.9g
• Carbohydrate: 52.0g
• Sodium: 1.9g
(Noodles & Garnish: 0.8g)
(Soup: 1.1g)
• (As Salt: 4.8g)


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Tasted really nice! I ate it would some roasted belly pork and a soft boiled egg!