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Rostade Vita Sesamfrön - Liten (Shiro Goma), Yutaka, 100 g

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Doftrika vita sesamfrön som ger vilken måltid som helst en nötaktig smak! Denna plastburk innehåller 100 gram delikata, rostade vita sesamfrön. Tillsätt i soppor, nudelrätter och wokrätter, alternativt strö över ris- och grönsaksrätter, eller för att täcka utsidan av en omvänd maki sushirulle med!

VARU-ID: #6576


Sesame seeds are a common ingredient in various Japanese dishes, as they are in all sorts of Asian cuisine. They can be used in both sweet or savoury dishes to give a roasted, nutty flavour. White sesame seeds have been hulled, unlike the black seeds. This lends them a milder, sweeter flavour.



Per 100g:
• Calories: 528kcal
• Protein: 21.6g
• Fat: 41.1g
• Carbohydrate: 18g
• Salt: 0.07g

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2 recensioner
Arrived well packaged. Good size container, will be getting used for sushi
Quality product