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Pocky - Mandel, Glico, 50 g

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Det perfekta paret! Denna låda innehåller två portionspåsar med Pocky av premiumkvalitet som består av krispiga kexpinnar täckta av len, söt mjölkchoklad och knapriga bitar av rostad mandel. Kombinationen av sött, salt och umami gör dessa Pocky svårslagna! Tillverkade i Japan.

VARU-ID: #6069


Pocky has existed in Japan since 1966, and one of the nicest things about Pocky is how versatile it is. Provided there is some sort of chocolate involved, Pocky can be covered in just about anything. This has inspired a staggering variety of flavours, including green tea, strawberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate banana.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 2316kJ/554kcal
• Fat: 32.9g
(of which Saturates: 14.52g)
• Carbohydrate: 53.25g
(of which Sugars: 26g)
• Protein: 11.3g
• Salt: 0.4g


10 recensioner
Super tasty! \nI would recommend you to try these if you like chocolate, nuts and biscuits! I loved them!
great taste
Not many pocky in here, it's split into 2 packets with about 6 sticks in each packet. They're higher quality pocky than normal, very thick yummy chocolate covered in almond chips. It's delicious, but don't expect tons in there.
addictive snack couldnt get enough of it
This has always been one of my favourites and it did not disappoint this time.
Always great quality and delicious.
Tasted really good two packs of five in each box
lovely pocky, looks just like the picture on the box and tastes divine
Not tried yet but these are always good, just wish there were more in the packet!
*** ***