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Kit, Okonomiyaki, 1 Kg, 8 varor

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Laga japanska matpannkakor hemma.

Upplev en av de mest underhållande och sociala sidorna av hemlagad japansk mat med detta all-in-one-kit till okonomiyaki. Detta kit är enkelt att anpassa efter din egen smak och innehåller alla nödvändiga ingredienser till välsmakande okonomiyaki, inklusive smaksatt okonomiyakimjöl, okonomiyakisås, majonnäs från QP, aonorisjögräs, med mera. Allt du behöver är kål.

Varumärkena kan variera beroende på lagertillgängligheten.

VARU-ID: #6000


Originating from the Hiroshima and Kansai regions, okonomiyaki is now a nationwide favourite and specialty okonomiyaki shops exist in every city in Japan. Like the other food kits in Japan Centre's range, this kit is specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for a popular dish in Japanese cuisine. To see Japan Centre's full range of food kits, check out the Food Kits section.


17 recensioner
Bought as a gift but very pleased to see that everything in the kit had a long date on it. The recipients used it the day they opened it, were very pleased with the results and have enough left over to make it several times more.
This is fabulous! And it comes with instructions in English which is really helpful. Love it.
very good
Contents different to recipe
Everything you need in a box! They even printed out the recipe and slipped that in too
Good value for kit.
Everything in the kit is great, the only issue i had was that the kit includes Tempura Flakes, though in the actual recipe it doesn't actually mention when to add them, so we just ended up throwing some in to the batter mix, other wise it was just like the Okonomiyaki we had and loved in Takayama whilst in Japan.
Good. Full recipe included
Good product generally. Recipe card a little weak but otherwise great
I wanted more of that please ***\nI love okonomiyaki
First time I have purchased the kit and it is excellent
Great kit for first times. I actually went to the store to by some extras, like pork belly slices and noodles for yaki soba.
The best okonomiyaki kit, all in one box (including the recipe!)
Okonomiyaki kit has everything you need to make authentic Japanese pancakes
excellent product
Fantastic kit to make your own delicious Okonomiyaki. Would be better with a small pack of Bonito flakes tho
Ideal gift for friend