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Pulveriserad Shiitakesvamp, Yr Ardd Fadarch, 30 g

Delivery to UK, EU, and USA* only

Ge fina favoriträtter en megastor smakboost med detta svamppulver. Det är gjort på shiitakesvamp som odlats bland de dimmiga vidderna i Snowdonia, Wales. Bara en enda nypa räcker till att ta fram de dolda smakerna av dina ingredienser. Stöd ett familjeägt företag på den walesiska landsbygden och upptäck hur delikat kombinationen av japansk matkultur och walesiskt väder kan vara!

VARU-ID: #5456


Shiitake mushrooms are frequently utilised in Japanese cooking for their umami flavour. Umami has only recently started to be recognised in Western society, and it can best be described as a “pleasant savoury taste” that induces salivation and heightens flavour in food. At Japan Centre we sell a variety of products rich in umami for you to try.



Sorry, none available.



4 recensioner
everything about the product ws superb
A great product to use in our cooking.
I was surprised at it's size, I assumed it was *** but it has served it's purpose.\n I would see if I could find a cheaper variety in an *** supermarket.
Seems not cheap for such a small tub. Will have to be good!