Ramunesoda med Jordgubbssmak, Kimura Drink, 200 ml

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Den ultimata japanska sommarupplevelsen med jordgubbssmak! Sodan Ramune, eller 'lamune', är en stor del av barndomens sommartider i Japan. Glasflaskan har en traditionell flaskhals med en glaspropp. För att öppna flaskan måste man använda det medföljande redskapet för att trycka ner glaskulan i flaskan!

VARU-ID: #5328


An iconic Japanese drink, ramune appears in everything from manga to j-drama. Ramune is just one of the cool pop culture treats that Japan Centre has available to buy online. Whether you’re potty for pocky or gaga over gumi we have something for everyone!

How To Use

Make sure your ramune stays in the bottle, not on you!
• Open your ramune on a flat, stable surface.
• Remember to pop out the pull-tab from its housing before trying to open your drink.
• Keep holding the push-tab down for a few seconds after you’ve pushed the marble out.



Per bottle (200ml):
• Calories: 92kcal
• Protein: 0g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrates: 22g
• Sodium: 10mg


4 recensioner
Bought for the kids
Such a cool drink! Tastes amazing and the little ball you pop inside is cool
Loved drinking this! Love how you pop the marble in! Amazing quality and tastes lovely
i use this product to drink, when the glass ball drops into the bottle i find it a bit annoying when the drink fizzes up and spills out from the top. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes the taste of strawberry mixed with the fizzy taste of the regular Ramune carbonated soft drink.