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Calpis Calpico Water Still Soft Drink (Taiwanese), 300 ml

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Calpis is a deliciously unique and refreshing drink that tastes a bit like Yakult or other yoghurt based drinks. It is made by lactic acid fermentation which means it is a fantastic health drink and great for kids to help build a healthy immune system. This Calpis is made in Taiwan, but still has the same taste as Japanese Calpis. Expand your tastebuds and try Calpis from all across the world!

VARU-ID: #5256


Calpis has been a popular drink in Japan since 1919 when it was released as a health drink that could be stored easily without refrigeration. Calpis is available in a variety of different flavours and can be enjoyed mixed with many different drinks.



Per 100ml:
• Calories: 29kcal
• Total Fat: 0g
• Sodium: 15mg
• Carbohydrates: 7.0g
• Protein: 0.2g


1 recension
Refreshing delicious original Calpis. Sale price makes this super value, cheaper than buying a bottle to dilute if you only want a small amount for refreshment.