Gekkeikan USA Kobai Plum Wine (Kobaishu), 800 ml

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4.5 / 5

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The perfect fusion of liqueur and dessert wine, this plum wine is delicately sweet, but with a refreshing plum flavour. Great as an aperitif or dessert wine, it’s also fantastic for giving cocktails a subtle Japanese twist. For any wine drinkers looking try their first Japanese tipple, this is a must!

VARU-ID: #5173

How To Use

Great neat or in a cocktail.
• Mix 2:3 with soda water for a plum wine spritzer.
• Serve on the rocks for a refined sipping drink.
• Substitute for vermouth to make a plumtini!



• Alcohol Content: 10%


2 recensioner
tastes amazing
I’ve had Ume Shu before, and it had a slightly different taste to this one, but only slightly and it seems I was the only one who noticed! Wonderful on top of crushed ice! Highly recommended!