Agarflingor, Clearspring, 30 g

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Dessa veganvänliga agarflingor gjorda på havsväxter är tillverkade på det traditionella sättet, utan kemiska blekmedel, är enkla att använda och fantastiska att göra traditionella japanska desserter och andra rätter med.

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Agar is used in traditional desserts like yokan in a similar way to gelatine in western cuisine. Agar is just one of the range of traditional ingredients used in wagashi sweets that are available to buy online at Japan Centre.

How To Use

Agar makes a great vegetarian alternative to gelatin in jellies and sauces.
• Use 1 tbsp of agar flakes per 240ml liquid. Acidic foods can affect the gelling strength, so it’s best to test a spoonful first before pouring out to set.
• Sprinkle the flakes over the liquid before heating. Heat with out stirring until it boils, then stir occasionally until the flakes fully dissolve (5-10 minutes).
• Pour into your mould and leave to set.



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Ingredients and allergens

Agar sea vegetable (Gelidium and Gracilaria spp.)