Tepåsar, 30 g, 60 styck


Dessa 60 tomma, rektangulära tepåsar utgör ett enkelt och gott sätt att avnjuta löst te. Du behöver dock inte begränsa dig till te. Påsarna kan även användas till kaffe, dashibuljong och kinesisk medicin. Häll te i påsen, försegla och lägg i hett vatten – de fungerar precis lika bra som färdiga tepåsar!
9,5 x 7 centimeter. Tillverkade i Japan.

VARU-ID: #4526



3 recensioner
Great design makes these worth the price. They're more expensive than my usual bags, but the ease of using them makes up for the cost. The other ones are long paper pockets that either have to be tied in a knot at the top (which often tears them) or secured with a clip because it's difficult to fold the top inside the bag to close it. But these tea packs are designed so that all you have to do is turn the top section inside out to make an envelope. I'm constantly impressed by how much attention to detail ** manufacturers put into everyday products.
Easy to use, Encourages me to use the various delicious loose teas in my collection. Also handy for adding spices like cloves or bay leaves to cooking pots so that you don't have to struggle to remove them before serving. Generous sized pack for the price.