Nouvelle Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake, Gekkeikan, 700 ml

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Nouvelle tokubetsu honjozo sake från Gekkeikan, Japanese Imperial Households utvalda sakeleverantör, är en honjozo av högre grad som vunnit Monde Selections guldmedalj fyra år i rad. Denna tokubetsu honjozo (en honjozo gjord på högt polerat ris och ingredienser av exceptionell kvalitet) är tillverkad med en liten mängd bryggd alkohol och kommer i en bred, genomskinlig 720-milliliterflaska. Den har en raffinerad doft och en halvtorr, något fyllig karaktär.

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, brewed using special sake rice. Sake has many different types and grades depending on the brewing process, ingredients used and percentage the rice is polished. Try sake warmed, at room temperature, or even serve chilled on ice or in a cocktail for a refreshing drink.

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How To Use

Honjozo is a versatile sake that can be enjoyed in a number of ways.
• Heat in a tokkuri sake bottle in a bowl of hot water until 40°C to 50°C.
• Serve at room temperature in a glass with ice.
• Alternatively, refrigerate several hours before drinking for ice-cold refreshment.


• Alcohol: 15%
• Rice polished to 60%.

Ingredients and allergens

Water, rice, rice malt




21 recensioner
Excellent taste and quality. Prefer this to most of the other imperial warrant Sake available. Haven’t quite forked our for the most expensive yet, but can highly recommend this one.
This was a gift so haven't tried it yet, but it as reccomended to me by a friend who knows his sake, and who loved it. As I'm from the UK I worried about locating the exact sake, but was relieved to find it on Japan Centre with fast delivery options.
*** ***
This is the first sake I ever *** so I don't know how to compare it but it tastes very good!
Xmas present so not tried it yet.
Very nice too!!!
I drink it
It’s lively and a good price
Perfect Sake, try this one first.
This is a good quality tasty inexpensive sake. One of my favourites. Very happy to see it back in stock.
This is my go to sake for both drinking and using in cooking. It may be Honjozo rather than Jinmai but is a good tasting drink both cold and warm.
These were bought as gifts for my sensei and instructors so I will not get the chance to try the sake itself (although I'm sure they'll tell me what they think of it and I may then order some to treat myself!) but I was very impressed by the item that arrived and I think it will be really enjoyed by those I've given it to, particularly my sensei, who used to live in Japan. The presentation of the product is beautiful and I think the awards it has won should speak for themselves re quality and taste.
You will be surprised to hear, I DRINK IT!
Smooth and easy drinking. Dangerous in that respect.
Bought following the advice on your website. Not the style of drink I am used to - but really enjoyed it. Bring on more!!
The product is delicious-mild but tastes good.
Love it!
Drank it with sushi for a small dinner.
Excellent would recommend this to every one that likes a perfect Sake.