Sjögrässallad, Tokon, 8 g

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Ett liten påse med blandad sjögrässallad, inklusive wakame, agar, kelp, kuki wakame, rött sjögräs och benisugi som växt utanför Japans kust. Denna salladsmix är ett perfekt tillbehör till soppor och sallader och har en låg kalorimängd och en hög vitaminmängd.

VARU-ID: #3000


Seaweed has been an important part of Japanese cuisine for centuries and is used in all kinds of dishes. The longest growing seaweed in the world is grown in the Hokkaido region of Japan and can reach an amazing 20 meters in length.

How To Use

When prepared this seaweed expands to ten times it’s size dried!
• Soak the seaweed salad mix in warm water for 5 minutes.
• Drain in a colander and squeeze out excess water.
• Eat on its own or with a dressing.
• Add as a filling garnish to tofu or miso soup.
• Serve as a side to sashimi or even on pasta!



Per 100g:
• Energy: 577kJ/138kcal
• Fat: 1.25g
  (of which Saturates: 0.1g)
• Carbohydrate: 56.25g
  (of which Sugars: 0.1g)
• Protein: 11.25g
• Salt: 10.25g

Ingredients and allergens

Wakame seaweed, agar, kelp, stem of seaweed, benisugi seaweed



2 recensioner
Goes well with the salad
Tastes good with Miso.