Hoshino Seichaen Green Tea Powder (Matcha Yame No Hana), 20 g

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Experience the enriched delights of this fragrantly pure matcha green tea.

Few regions produce matcha as aromatically uplifting as the specialised tea fields of Yame, Fukuoka, so this fine matcha powder takes the exquisite tea leaves cultivated under its misty climate and melds them into this gently bittersweet, invigorating matcha green tea. Grown naturally under limited levels of sunlight so the leaves develop a more mature, fuller flavour, this matcha is carefully rolled and ground, by the experienced hands of Hoshino Seichaen, into a powder that combines its complex richness with the deeper, soothing aromas. Whisking into a thick, flowery green that fills the air with delicate sweetness, this easy to drink matcha enriches your senses with a deep, vigorous mouthfeel that detoxifies with soothingly sublime refreshment.

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Matcha is one of the most well-known of the Japanese green teas in the Western world. It is made by taking high quality green tea leaves and grinding them into a fine powder, which can then be whisked into hot water. Because the actual tea leaves are being consumed (instead of the infusions that are consumed with other tea varieties), a cup of matcha contains a higher concentration of nutrients. For a great range of high quality matcha and matcha drinks, take a look at Japan Centre's Matcha section.


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