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Sencha Grönt Te från Första Skörden - Löst, Sasaki Seicha, 100 g

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100 gram löst, japanskt grönt te. Detta är ett te från första skörden, gjort på speciellt utvalda yngre blad som plockas när de knoppas. Ju yngre tebladen är, desto mer 'umami' och C-vitamin innehåller de. För att kunna avnjuta den speciella smaken av te från första skörden är det viktigt att göra teet med kokat vatten av lägre temperatur (80 grader). Teföretaget Sasaki Seicha ligger i Shizuoka prefektur som är berömd för grönt te av god kvalitet. Deras senchaprodukter är flerfaldigt prisbelönade. Kvalitet: hög. Smak: mild - medel. Färg: medel. Region: Shizuoka. Idealisk vattentemperatur: 80 grader.

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Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese tea and accounts for approximately 80% of the tea produced in Japan. Sencha has a greenish, golden colour and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Sencha is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols which help prevent cancer, keep the heart healthy and aid general well-being. Check out our incredible variety of tea bags, loose teas and ready-to-drink teas in our tea section to see what we have in store.



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My main tea is this product. The Japanese teas are not bitter. They are full of flavour. I started drinking it after having cancer 11 years ago. I also have a severe gastric problem and am unable to drink coffee or conventional tea or alcohol. So this is my hourly fix. I bulk buy so that I never run out using the cup filter which goes with me where ever I go.
Thank you
Drink this tea every mirning
As I said before, I use this product according ot the instructions on the packaging. In addition, I found that re-steeping this tea is definitely possible, at least once if not twice. Also, I use this tea lose in a pot and would not recommend putting it in a tea bag as this takes away the flavour
V high quality
It’s fabulous.
Good Saturday morning rescue. Three successive cups from the same brew at 75 centigrade. Delicious and revitalising.
By far the best premium loose leaf green tea that I have purchased outside Japan.
It’s rather annoying being forced to make a comment in this review!