Ishigaki Cast-Iron Takoyaki Pan For Gas And Electric Burners, 2 Kg Low in Stock (only 1 available)


For perfect homemade takoyaki.

Turn freshly-made takoyaki octopus balls into your number one party nibble with this cast-iron takoyaki plate. Popularly made with octopus and other Japanese ingredients (chikuwa fish cake, prawns, mushrooms. spring onions etc), takoyaki's distinctively crisp, dough ball shape is made easy to recreate in this non-stick pan. Weighted so it sturdily sits on stovetops, hot plates and portable burners, this plate features side handles and a rectangular lip to neatly round your batter mix into its 16 semi-spherical moulds.

Designed to be used with gas and electric hobs/hot plates only. Hand-wash only.

Measures approx. 23cm in width, 18.8cm in length, 2.8cm in height.    

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Fried octopus balls that encapsulate the delicious street food scene of Osaka, Takoyaki have become a festival favourite across Japan since their creation by a local Osaka merchant back in 1935. The famously flavoursome balls of dough are commonly filled with octopus chunks and a variety of crunchy vegetables, before they are fried in special rounded hot plates to create irresistibly bite-size morsels. Smothered with a choice of rich sauces & seasonings to complete their savoury enjoyment, takoyaki offer enough flavour fun to plan a cooking party to everyone's preference. 

How To Use

Fry up tasty takoyaki, using the following steps:
- Set your takoyaki pan on a gas/electric stovetop or portable heater and heat it up.
- Oil the pan, before pouring your takoyaki batter into each semi-spherical mould.
- Add any pre-prepared fillings and ingredients to the batter whilst it is still liquid, before using a prong to turn each piece over.
- Allow to fry until crisp on the outside and remove from the pan. Cover in takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, seaweed (or any choice of toppings) before serving.



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Works perfectly placed on top of our griddle plate.
A little smaller than i thought but does the job.
I had been looking for this item but it was sold out everywhere else. Super happy I purchased it, already seasonsed cast iron pan that takes up little space compared to other pans. Light, yet durable, I use this pan for *** and aebleskiver too.