3D Reusable Fabric Mask - Grey, Small Size, 10 g


Comfortable protection from spreading colds and viruses.

Made from a flexible polyester cotton interwoven with antibacterial silver ions, this reusable fabric mask is ideal for long-lasting wear and reduced transmission of bacteria and viruses. Shaped to snugly fit smaller faces with minimal tightness around the ears, this charcoal grey mask neutralises airborne particles, droplets and even high levels of pollen, reducing the risk of germs passing from person to person. Easy to wash and rewear for durable, everyday use. 

VARU-ID: #17544


Now commonly worn across the world to minimise the spread of colds and flu viruses, face masks saw initial use in Japan as a polite way to go about your daily business when feeling under the weather. Now available with many different styles and adjustments to suit the wearer's needs, find both reusable and disposable fabric masks to suit you at japancentre.com.