Stoneware Ceramic Soy Sauce Dish - Black and Grey, 90 g


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Serve Japanese condiments in style.

Speckled with lacquer to create a glistening appearance, present your pick of Japanese pickles and condiments on this sleek, stoneware black and grey soy sauce dish. Singed at each edge to give this dish a traditional, rustic style, this condiment dish complements any dining ware set with its simple yet meticulously crafted details. Weighty enough to hold soy sauce without spilling, as well as serve a side of wasabi and ginger with your pick of sushi.

Measures approx.10.5cm in length, 7.9cm in width, 1.6cm in height.

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The most traditional Japanese cuisine is served as a full dinner spread, with each dish being served in its own small plate or bowl. From enormous ramen bowls to stylish square shaped sushi plates to polished handleless tea cups, Japanese tableware never fails to impress. Browse's Bento & Kitchen section for our entire range of Japanese tableware.



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Well made ceramic bowls for soy when having sushi at home