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Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Cakes - Lightly Salted, 100 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)

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Vegan and gluten-free, wholegrain rice cakes.

For light, crispy treats you can top with your choice of fish, cooked meats, fruits or spreads, these rice cakes are made from 100% organic brown rice for a nourishing guilt-free alternative to your favourite snacks. Lightly sprinkled with sea salt so they can even be munched as simple snacks on the go, these versatile rice snacks are naturally popped for a satisfying, crunchy texture that can replace bread, crackers & even biscuits in your everyday diet at only 27 calories per cake.

VARU-ID: #17017



Per 100g:
• Energy: 1659kJ/392kcal 
• Fat: 2.9g 
  (of which Saturates: 0.7g)
• Carbohydrate: 81g
  (of which Sugars: 0.8g)
• Protein: 9.1g
• Salt: 0.28g