Wooden Masu Cup - Natural, Umemusubi Knot Pattern, 80 g


Reward a busy day with the welcoming woody aromas and exquisite taste of sake, traditionally poured into and drunk from this stylish umemusubi knot-emblazoned masu sake cup. Commonly filled to brim or served with an overflowing shot glass inside, this wooden masu cup offers a unique, customary way to enjoy sake, connecting you the historic Edo shogunate practice of drinking it directly from wooden casks. Adding smooth flavour and smoky fragrances to each individual sake palate, find new ways to appreciate sake with this charming square cup, wood-burned with an umemusubi plum knot to commemorate moments shared with the most special sake.

Measures approx. 8.2cm in width, 8.2cm in length, 5cm in height.

VARU-ID: #16945


Masu were standard sake drinking vessels that originated in the Edo shogunate of the 1600s. Nowadays small ceramic or glass cups tend to be used day-to-day, with masu generally being utilised during special occasions and ceremonies. Wooden masu cups such as this are considered a great luxury and a symbol of good luck. For a great selection of sake drinking vessels, as well as other Japanese serveware, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.