Sanada Seiko Plastic Sushi Rice Paddle - Black, 40 g


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Separate and scoop up sushi rice.

Avoid any sticky issues when it comes to making authentic sushi rice, with this shamoji black embossed sushi rice paddle. Easy to use for those just getting to grips with sushi, as well as experts, this stylish utensil comes with grooves on either side of its paddle that make it easy to break up cooked rice and stir in key ingredients, such as rice vinegar. Made from a non-stick plastic resin that's easy to wipe down and remove rice from, simply wet this paddle and work your rice into perfectly delicate sushi bites.

Measures approx. 22.4cm in length, 7.2cm in width, 0.8cm in height. Not suitable for microwaving or dishwashing.

VARU-ID: #16934


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Works well with the excellent sushi rice bowl I bought from them