Rullform för Smala Rullar av Makisushi, 60 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)


Gör perfekta sushirullar varje gång.

Se till att din hosomaki, tunna sushirullar, alltid har samma tjocklek med denna lättanvända risform till sushi. Formen består av tre delar (en inre form, en yttre bas och ett lock som trycks ner) och används för att göra välproportionerade 'tuber' av ris och fyllning som sedan kan placeras på ett ark norisjögräs och rullas ihop för att göra hosomaki. Se instruktioner nedan.

VARU-ID: #1693


Learning to cook Japan's ornate, delicious, and unique cuisine might seem a daunting task at first. Fortunately, there are some handy kitchen tools and devices available to make Japanese cooking that little bit easier, and Japan Centre stocks a great range. From rice moulds in various sizes to wooden sushi presses to electric rice cookers, our Cooking Equipment section is sure to help you gain a keen cooking advantage.

How To Use

• Wet all three parts before use to prevent rice from sticking.
• Fill the inner mould (half-cylinder without the thicker edge) up to about 80% with pre-prepared sushi rice.
• Make a valley down the middle of the rice for your filling.
• Place the inner mould, open side up, inside the larger mould (the square).• Fill the valley with your desired sushi filling (note: hosomaki normally only have one filling).
• Fill the remainder of the larger mould almost to the brim with rice, making sure that the filling is completely covered.
• Press the rice down using the pressing lid (half cylinder with the thicker edge).
• Turn the mould upside down and push out the rice 'tube'.
• Wrap the rice up in nori seaweed.