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Embossed Ceramic Noodle Bowl - Black Dragon Pattern, 600 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)


Serve noodles in a swirl of stylish dragon art.

Inspired by traditional ukiyo-e paintings, enjoy a bold stroke of imagination as you slurp up noodles among the crashing waves and mountains of this beautiful dragon-embossed ceramic noodle bowl. Immersing you in its incredibly-detailed design with a glossy, embossed finish on the inside, this large black and white glazed bowl is curved at the lip, making it easy to finish noodle soups and final morsels of food as you admire its weaving, intricate artwork. Great for those who appreciate fun, unique forms of artistic food presentation.

Bowl measures approx. 20.5cm in width, 8cm in height. 

VARU-ID: #16817


The most traditional Japanese cuisine is served as a full dinner spread, with each dish being served in its own small plate or bowl. From enormous ramen bowls to stylish square shaped sushi plates to polished handleless tea cups, Japanese tableware never fails to impress. Browse japancentre.com's Bento & Kitchen section for our entire range of Japanese tableware.