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Ceramic Earthenware Noodle Bowl - Black Speckled Pattern, 600 g


Serve up ramen with a glistening hint of tradition.

Cast from earthenware clay into a sleek, sharp-angled bowl, this ceramic noodle bowl combines traditional and modern trends to create stylish tableware for your ramen soup servings & more. Speckled and coated in a thick glaze that has been fired under high heat to create sparkling patches of white and blue, this sturdy black bowl looks striking, warm and practical on the dinner table.

Bowl measures approx. 19.8cm in width, 9cm in height.

VARU-ID: #16815


The most traditional Japanese cuisine is served as a full dinner spread, with each dish being served in its own small plate or bowl. From enormous ramen bowls to stylish square shaped sushi plates to polished handleless tea cups, Japanese tableware never fails to impress. Browse japancentre.com's Bento & Kitchen section for our entire range of Japanese tableware.