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Totally Tofu Cookbook, 500 g

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Cook healthy and creatively with 75 protein-packed meat-free recipes.

A vibrant cooking guide that gives vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious cooks a wide variety of uses for Asia's favourite meat and dairy alternative, this handy cookbook helps you build new and popular everyday dishes around the wonderful possibilities of tofu. Showing you to how you correctly fry, mash, marinate, bake and even blitz this nutritious superfood, this cookbook contains 75 simple yet flavoursome recipes, from snacks, side dishes and salads, to main dishes, noodle soups and even desserts. Featuring recipes inspired by both Eastern and Western cuisine across the years, Totally Tofu is a colourfully photographed, detailed introduction to including the wholesome benefits of tofu in your favourite food & drink.

Designed by Megan Smith, edited by Sarah Vaughan. Hardback, 144 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-78879-347-6

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