AOTS Shin Nihongo no Kiso II Japanese Textbook Kana Edition, 800 g

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A direct and practical approach to building on your basic Japanese.

Great for expanding your Japanese language skills, Shin Nihongo no Kiso's main series of textbooks offers detailed exercises and study to help beginners. Part of 3A Network's well-established textbook series, this second volume introduces past and future tense, verb forms, adverbs and more, helping you connect and shape your accumulated Japanese vocabulary into more natural and easy to understand sentences, with step-by-step chapters taking you through individual grammar points and their uses. Illustrated with fun dialogue and practice exercises to refine the spoken and written use of your Japanese, this study book provides memorable and practical learning you can easily reference to improve your own natural Japanese ability, with an answer booklet, verb table and vocabulary index to review when you need to brush up on any vocabulary or grammar you are unsure of.

Written by 3A Networks. Paperback, 316 pages.

ISBN: 978-4-906224-82-1

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