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Seiwa Foods Traditional Edo Style Instant Ozoni Soup with Mochi Rice Cake, 300 g

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Savoury, umami-rich ozoni ready to serve Edo-style.

Sumptuous yet exquisitely relaxing soup traditionally made as a heartwarming welcome to the new year, this instant ozoni soup is an ideal winter warmer that combines the finest, classic Tokyo flavours. Made from a savoury soy sauce and chicken stock that's packed with bonito, kelp and mirin-enriched umami taste, this seasonal soup offers gentle crisp and chewy toppings to soak up its rich flavour, with freshly-pounded mochi rice cake, spinach, crunchy carrot and shiitake mushrooms to garnish. All generously sliced and stirred into a deep, flavoursome broth before being freshly-sealed into aluminium pouches, this soup is easily simmered over the stove and can be emptied into a bowl for convenient microwave heating.

VARU-ID: #16743

How To Use

To prepare this Ozoni soup you must:
- Pour out the contents of the soup pouch into a bowl and cover, before microwaving for 1 minute at 600W.
- Add the mochi rice cake to a separate bowl and fill with water until mochi is submerged. Microwave for around 1 minute at 600W until the mochi soaks up the surrounding water.
- Add the soaked mochi and dried spinach garnish to your soup and stir before serving.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 410kJ/98kcal
• Fat: 3.4g
• Carbohydrate: 12.5g
• Protein: 4.4g
• Salt: 0.78g