Wagashi: The Art of Japanese Confectionery, 1 Kg

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Intricately crafted sweets introduced through traditional poetry.

Appreciating the vibrant and elegant passing of Japan's seasons, regional culture and historic confectionery is encapsulated in the beauty of Japan's many delicate wagashi sweets, photographed and detailed in verse through this stylish wagashi encyclopedia. Covered over bi-monthly chapters that highlight the popular imagery, objects and floral flavours that inspire different wagashi ideas, each classic sweet creation is complemented by a verse of poetry in both English and Japanese to gracefully explain its name, origin and symbolic beauty. Diligently shaped and displayed to celebrate Japan's earliest confectionery ingredients, the wagashi of this book offer a modern artistic look at the treats that have brought the sweetest memories of Japan's history to life.

Paperback, 388 pages. Art directed by Kazuya Takaoka, with poems and photographs provided by Mutsuo Takahashi and Hiroshi Yoda.

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