Wooden Pestle - 30cm, 90 g


Pound and grind out the best flavours.

Work natural oils and flavours into your cooking, by grinding them with the flexible force and comfort of this long, lightweight wooden surikogi pestle. Measured at 30cm so hands of all sizes can get to grips with traditional spice grinding, this pestle is carved from natural wood with tapered edges of different widths to smooth and smash your ingredients into their preferred consistency for seasoning. Popularly used to crush sesame seeds, tea leaves and even peppers or tofu this long pestle is ideal for larger ingredients and bigger mortar bowls, with an extra use as a rolling pin for smoothing out dumpling and even noodle dough! Dry immediately after washing or "dry clean" by grinding into uncooked rice.

Measures approx. 30cm in length, 3cm and 2.2cm in diameter at each end.

VARU-ID: #16685


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