World of Nobu Cookbook, 2 Kg

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A tour of Japanese haute cuisine inspired by Nobu Matsuhisa's world of experience.

Culminating in the work of over 55 international restaurants catered by 72 world-class chefs, this recipe encyclopedia of Nobu restaurant's most signature worldwide dishes details their origins and the personalised touches that Nobu Matsuhisa has discovered are key to the most exquisite Japan-inspired dishes. Formed from a mixture of unique customer requests and cooking inspiration from around the world, each of these recipes are understated yet precise in how they implement Japanese ingredients and technique, with a vibrant image of their final presentation and gourmet tips on how to recreate such dishes. Covering a wide range of courses, ingredients and preparation methods learned over 50 years, this book is an inspiration for those who want to explore how Japanese cooking has enriched the world of fine fusion dining.

Written by June Fujise Shimura, Edited by Junko Kawakami and Letras. Hardback, 416 pages. 

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