Naris Ayano Hydro-Barrier Double Cleansing Foam, 100 ml Low in Stock (only 4 available)


Remove makeup and cleanse the skin with creamy, hydrating care.

Leave your skin feeling clean and cushion soft with Naris' plant-formulated Ayano skincare, a double-cleansing foam that nurtures the skin, caressing away all unwanted makeup and dirt. A light yet thick foam that bubbles up into a permeating lather, the plant-derived extracts of this cleansing cream soak into the skin and loosen even the most stubborn makeup, so the area can be thoroughly wiped clear and re-hydrated. Gentle on the skin with wonderful results on even oily skin, enjoy the nourishing, caring cleanse of this foam, free of ethyl alcohol and parabens.

VARU-ID: #16528