Naris Ayano Hydro-Barrier Exfoliating Lotion, 200 ml Low in Stock (only 1 available)


Deep exfoliating lotion that re-hydrates your skin. 

Revitalise your skin's natural glow and softness with the deep cleansing of Naris' plant-formulated Ayano skincare, featuring this exfoliating lotion enriched with pearl seed and Chinese pearl barley extract. Gentle yet effective at removing dead skin cells so your skin is relieved of any dullness or worn appearance, the plant-derived extracts of this lotion provide rich nutrients and moisture to help your skin feel supple and replenished. The addition of Salicornia Europaea extract restores your skin's absorbency, making this lotion a perfect cleanser for follow up skincare. Free of ethyl alcohol and parabens.

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Best ever. Does exactly as described. Highly recommended