Wooden Hazori Wood Lacquered Miso Soup Bowl, 80 g


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A naturally detailed wooden bowl to serve miso soup.

Crafted from Japanese hazori wood, traditionally pliable and perfect for all kinds of dining ware, the detailed grain of this miso soup bowl adds comforting, rustic charm to its warm, ochre shade, making every soup more toasty and satisfying. Curved at the rim for easy drinking with a sturdily crafted wooden base, this bowl is surprisingly light and a great essential to have among your Japanese serveware.

Measures approx. 10.9cm in diameter, 6.5cm in height.

VARU-ID: #16504


Miso soup is a vital part of Japanese diets and a staple component to most meals in Japan, often served as a side dish even during breakfast. As such, anybody committed to enjoying all components of Japanese cuisine should have a good collection of miso bowls available to put on a great authentic feast. Why not take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section and see our extensive collection?



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Love these wooden miso bowls - much better than their plastic counterparts!