Arnest My Form Plastic Shaped Rice Moulds and Cutters - Assorted Animals and Objects, 200 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)


Craft the cutest curry servings!

From fluffy rabbits and adorable dolphins, to blossoming sunflowers, give your homemade curries some charming character with these rice moulds and ingredient cutters. A selection of 3 plastic moulds each formed into the shape of a rabbit, dolphin or flower, these colourful tools make shaping your curry dishes easy. Just fill them with rice and use the handle to hold and flip the mould onto your plate or bowl. Add a decorative finish to your curry creations with the included plastic cutters, shaped with animal faces, anchors, fishes and carrots to design an adorably tasty meal.

Dishwasher friendly. Not suitable for microwaving.

VARU-ID: #16497


Cooking gadgets, aids and accessories come as part of all the fun of making your favourite Japanese cuisine. Much like the ingenious and quirky tools Japan creates for the convenience of everyday life, these practical and bizarrely thought out inventions always carry an unmistakable charm to brighten up your cooking experience. With everything from handy condiment graters to knife grinders in the kitchen and adorable moulds, cutters and pots to decorate the perfect bento, you'll be surprised at how Japanese cooking can be so simple, cute and exciting with our range at!