Yutaka Dried Dashi Kombu Kelp, 30 g

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The source to many of Japan's classic broth recipes and an essential umami flavour enhancer in Japanese cooking, bring your own savoury soups and more to the table with this dried kombu kelp. Freshly cultivated from the cool ocean currents surrounding Hokkaido, this kelp is immediately dried to preserve its rich amino acids, the key to the juicy, meaty tastes that liven up many Japanese dishes. Free from additives or flavourings for a natural vegetarian stock that can be enjoyed on its own or used to enrich the taste of more complex broths and sauces, there's all kinds of delicious potential to delve into with this superb cooking staple.

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Seaweed is not commonly used in Western cuisine, but in many types of Eastern cooking, including Japanese cuisine, it is an invaluable source of umami/savoury flavour and hearty texture. Kombu kelp seaweed is one of the most commonly utilised seaweeds in Japanese cuisine, as it is one of the main ingredients in dashi soup stock. Take a look at Japan Centre’s Seaweed section for a great range of seaweed items.

How To Use

• Soak one sheet of the dried dashi kombu kelp in 500ml pan of water for 30 minutes.
• Add to heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes until the stock starts to boil, before removing the dashi kombu kelp sheet from the finished stock.
• Simmer further ingredients in the stock if needed, and strain before adding to miso soup, noodle broths, hot pots or stews.



Per 100g:
Energy: 625kJ/149kcal
Fat: 2.4g
(of which Saturates: 0.2g)
Carbohydrate: 66g
(of which Sugars: 19g)
Protein: 3.2g
Salt: 5.4g 


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