Otsuka Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Isotonic Drink (Korean), 2 L

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Enjoy breaking a sweat with this sports drink at hand.

Famed for its peculiar name as one of Japan's most refreshing soft drinks, Pocari Sweat helps you sweat with the best thanks to its quenching supply of electrolytes. A cloudy, isotonic beverage that re-hydrates and instantly replaces lost ions, this popular vending machine drink rejuvenates the body whether you exercise or not and keeps it energised with a healthy supply of minerals and a juicy grapefruit flavour. The perfect kind of pick me up in the morning, especially when chilled, this 1.5L bottle will help refresh you through the most hot and tiring of days. Produced in Korea.

VARU-ID: #16079


In Japan, sodas and soft drinks (or ‘ciders’, as they are often known in Japanese) are just as popular as they are in Western countries. With huge varieties available in vending machines and convenience stores across the country, Japanese soft drinks not only can provide a refreshing treat but also include some beneficial ingredients to help boost your day. We at have a fabulous selection of soft drinks, so take a peek and see what's in store!



Per 100ml:
• Energy: 101kJ/24kcal
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 6g
• Protein: 6g
• Salt: 0g

Ingredients and allergens

Purified Water, White Sugar, Liquid Fructose, Grape Juice, Food Acid (E330), Synthesis Flavouring (Grape Fruit Flavour), Food Acid (E331), Refined Salt, Acidity Regulator (E575), Flavour Enhancer(E621), Acidity Regulator (E511), Vitamin C