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Hakuroshuzo Hanabi Junmai Happoshu Sparkling Sake, 300 g

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A sweet spark of sublime sake satisfaction.

For a smooth and full-bodied sake that fizzes with an exquisite champagne-like quality, this junmai happoshu sake sparkles from the bottle with a clear and crisp sharpness. Traditionally bottle fermented with a rich rice malt crafted from Niigata's finest rice grains, this sake foams superbly from the moment it pops open, pouring a gentle froth that mellows the senses before they're quenched by the exquisite bite of its sweet and zesty flavour. Bubbling with refreshing aromas and an umami rice depth that complete its vibrant and intricate palette, this sake provides a light yet astounding tipple that ignites any pre-dinner cheers or celebrations.

VARU-ID: #15955


Softer and sweeter than sparkling wines, sparkling sake is a fantastic alternative. In Japan the winners at F1 races even spray each other with sparkling sake instead of champagne on the winner’s podium! Like still sake, sparkling sake comes in all kinds of grades and varieties, so whatever your mood, occasion or meal there’s a sparkling sake for you at japancentre.com!

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• Alcohol: 8%