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Bäst före-datum: 31-10-2020

Mikakuto Sakeru Shine Muscat Grape Flavoured Long Gummy Belt, 40 g

Delivery to UK, EU, and USA* only

Tear into juicy muscat grape flavour for as long as you need!

Extended to 50 centimetres of endless fruity fun, this ridged gummy belt rips apart for hours of refreshing muscat grape juiciness. Made with the rich aromas and the quenching taste of real shine muscat juices, this not-so-little treat offers surprising grape succulence all the way through its supple, melt in the mouth texture. Increasingly chewy and easily torn so you can tease your taste buds as long as you want, the tangy muscat sweetness of this gummy comes measured at the back so you can stretch out how far you're willing to share.

VARU-ID: #15868


Japanese sweets and candies have a home in the UK, and that home is Japan Centre! From boiled sweets in such incredibly diverse flavours as milk, darjeeling tea and kumquat, to chewy, gummy candies in just about every fruit flavour imaginable, we truly have Japanese sweet foods to suit every taste and preference. Just remember to brush your teeth afterwards!



Per 100g:
• Energy: 1642kJ/392kcal 
• Fat: 15.37g
• Carbohydrate: 63.17g
• Protein: 5.37g
• Salt: 0.02g