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  • 15757  wooden chopsticks   natural finish  cherry blossom pattern

Wooden Chopsticks - Natural Finish, Cherry Blossom Pattern, 10 g

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Savour the fleeting and flavoursome delights of each fresh mouthful every meal.

With the light and sturdy design of these beautifully simple chopsticks, you'll be sure to capture the delicious charm of every dish, no matter how brief its taste, or slippery its texture! Made from a natural wood and lacquered in a burnt brown shade, these chopsticks present themselves with a sleek, traditional sweetness, thanks to the shining sakura cherry blossom decorations scattered across. Able to give even the most basic meals a refreshing touch of cuteness, these chopsticks ensure no tasty morsel flutters away from your grip, with textured ends to take in the maximum flavour with each bite. 

Chopsticks measure approx. 22.5cm in length.

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Chopsticks are the most important eating utensil in Japanese and other types of East Asian cuisine. Long chopsticks (over 30cm in length) are best used for cooking. Shorter chopsticks (around 20-23cm long) are standard chopsticks used at home. Chopsticks that are shorter still and come in chopstick cases are for packing in your bag and taking to work or school. Take a look at Japan Centre's entire Chopsticks & Cutlery range.